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Why IES Academy is no.1

  • India's Best Faculty Panel
  • Among the plethora of engineering services coaching in every state of India, IES Academy has carved a reputation of its own. IES Academy is proud to be associated with the India's most effective, efficient result performing and never ending source of faculty panel. Even, changing and emerging pattern can not affect their performance. We are the only institute that follows a very strong systematic, objective selection and training process, before a teacher becomes IES Academy faculty. Most of our faculty is top rankers of IES, IAS and professors from reputed universities.

  • Classroom Training Program (CRTP)
  • Although books have their own place in the learning of any subject but books or the study material cannot be a substitute for classroom training. There has been a steady yet significant rise in the performance of every student at IES Academy, no matter what his/her past academic record is. Proper attention to their needs is given. Our CRTP will develop conceptual harmony, factual perfection and tactical presence of mind to make student perfect competitive person. We think theory without practice is sterile and practice without theory is futile.

    Following are the some of the distinctive features of IES Academy:

    • Lectures on basic concepts.
    • Discussion on problem solving techniques.
    • Solving of typical problem.
    • Discussion on advanced topics and problems.
    • Discussion on tips and short-cuts and
    • Removal of doubts and difficulties.

  • Individual Attention to the Students
  • There has been a steady yet significant rise in the performance of every student at IES Academy no matter what his/her past record is. We have never compromised on individual care and attention. The personal interaction between the teacher and the students generates a healthy environment that encourages the students to come up with their doubts and difficulties. Each and every problem faced by students is systematically resolved to their utmost satisfaction.

  • Our Strategic Study Material
  • The language of the study material is simple and easy to grasp and at the same time it efficiently conveys all the vital aspects of the subjects. Based on the changing trends of the examinations the study material is being regularly updated. This explains its over growing popularity, even among the students who don't study at IES Academy. The strategic study material is modular in design and divided in five sections:

    • Concept coverage: Focused and in-depth theory to ensure a strong foundation.
    • Solved examples: A simple, lucid and systematic approach to problems, focusing not only on the "HOW" but also on the "WHY" of the solutions.
    • Exercises and problems: A specially designed and graded exercise portion covering the vital aspects of the topics for comprehensive practice.
    • Extensive coverage of objective type problems: Thousands of multiple choice questions are given to students in the form of objective assignments and practice tests.
    • Extensive coverage of conceptual type problems: Material builds on a concrete foundation for each topic, depth of coverage and conceptual clarity give you step by step method of reaching the conclusion. This provides you the ability to recall and inter-linking of concept and critical thinking too.

  1. Regular Classroom Test (Online / Offline) with discussion
  2. The entire course for each branch is divided in 12-15 modules. On the completion of every topic, tests are conducted. Each student is aquainted of his mistakes in the subsequent classroom discussion. In-depth, personalized feed-back is given based on extensive testing, thereby reinforcing strength and identifies conceptual weakness of the students.

  3. All India Test Series (Online / Offline) (AITS)
  4. We provide All India Test Series in every course. These practice tests are full-length and replica of the examinations. Our AITS have been specially designed as countdown to the final test. Thereby gradually building up confidence and helping over coming tension. It is essential, therefore, that a well framed periodicity of identical practice test be the peak of his performance potential on the day of the final examination.

  5. Interview Guidance Program (IGP)
  6. Our training pedagogy comprises of two main factors,

    • Factual perfection and
    • Personality of the candidate.

    Our approach to factual perfection is wholly scientific. Science means being absolutely definite 'murder of doubts' meaning thereby 2+2=4. Four means absolute (4), nothing else.

    On the personality front our target is to protect you from becoming carbon copies. In effect, this entails giving your originality back. A is A, B is B and you are you. You are not less than A or B. Therefore, respect yourself and your inner voice.

    In a nutshell, be original. Being original is magically impressive in interview board. Celebrate your total transformation with us .

  7. Proactive Education with Right Methodology
  8. IES Academy always advocacy for the education on the educational, mental, psychological and emotional front.

    1. CRTP
    2. Conceptual harmony
      Factual perfection
      Tactical presence of mind

    3. T.T. +T.S. +S.M.
    4. 5000 objectives+500 conventional for T.T.
      Five test series in the 100% simulated conditions of examination.

    5. P.S.S.+D.C.S.
    6. Find out errors
      Do's and Dont's
      Time and quality management

    8. To create burning desire, enthusiasm and passion at academic level.
      To remove your stress at personal and academic level.

  9. Feedback to Parents
  10. At IES Academy parents encounter the most elaborated feedback system possible by constant communication via telephonic calls and SMSs.

  11. Interview Call Estimator
  12. This website of IES Academy is equipped with an Interview call estimator especially meant for IES exam. By simply submitting the marks obtained in all the subjects, within few seconds you can get the correct estimation on your interview call.



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