GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering, an exam which is conducted jointly by Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science. The exams itself keeps a high importance for any engineering student for commencing the further higher studies of Masters Degree. As the Masters degree in such reputed institutions of India keeps a very high weight, it actually requires from a candidate to justify his/her “Aptitude” and could prove himself distinguished and excelled from other candidates. Its not an exam where a candidate can prepare by mugging the thousands of theories but more importantly, a clear vision of basic concepts is required. This exam is conducted once, every year and it can be a breakthrough for many aspiring candidates for Higher Studies.

So most of the people understand what all of these exams are designed for and what are their purpose. But understanding the importance of it, is far more relevant question which can make anyone understand, why and who should take the GATE Exam ? The GATE exams hold the key to unlock the potential of countless doors where the possibilities are endless. Well, most of the students comes to realize the importance of GATE Exam once they finish their Engineering Graduation, as GATE also gives any student a well deserved second chance, where a candidate still have a chance of studying in such a highly reputed institution where the chance might had been denied in bachelors degree.. The benefit of studying in such Institutions is not only a higher degree will be earned, but it could introduce the candidate in the circle of high intellects whose ideas are shaping the world.

Once the candidate is dedicated towards GATE Exams, and gets the breakthrough in it, it could lead any student into the world of an overwhelming experience, where the world’s biggest blue chip technology companies are hunting their future executives and could unlock many other bright possibilities of the future. Where recruitment and placement is one aspect, along with pursuing the, A stripe end of more than ten thousand is given for every month for the two years program, which could essentially helps the candidates to be more financially independent by the time they are pursuing their masters.

The process of recruitment in public sector also very much considers the GATE scores, which offers some very lucrative jobs. India’s biggest public sector companies like BHEL, Indian Oil Corporation, etc considers the GATE score as an important parameter in the process of the recruitment. Whereas the recruitment is not the only factor where the GATE scores matter but also there many Universities around the world, who considers and accepts the GATE scores in the selection process. Eg. National University of Singapore which could lead the candidate in International placements.

Though the benefits counted on the finger can always be the alluring one, but once anyone gets inside, the things will not be the same, after all the one who can break into such reputed institutions, wisdom is what to be earned. Institutions like such, not only make who and what you are but also provides the platform from where the leap to the future is indeed possible and will not be less to say ”sky is the limit”.

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