Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is the exam that is held on all India basis. It opens several ways for the students in science and engineering subjects. Candidates qualified for GATE exams can opt for GATE coaching in Delhi as various coaching institutes in Delhi are really working hard to prepare the students in a professional manner.

The clearance of GATE exams can really open the doors of leading institutes for further studies such as IITS and IISC.  The GATE exam is held every year on all India basis. This competitive exam is being held by the committee having members of seven famous institutes of Technology and All India institute of Sciences.  This committee of members has all the responsibilities related with GATE examination such as conducting the exams, informing the candidates, communicating with the students as well as declaring the results.

Pattern of GATE Examination

The candidates need to take a single paper that is of three hour duration and has multiple 65 objective type questions with maximum of 100 marks.

The paper has two sets: One of 30 questions carries one mark each and the other has 35 questions carry two marks each. Therefore, there are total 65 questions carrying 100 marks.

Candidates should join IES Academy to prepare well for the GATE exams as they have professional and qualified faculties to prepare for the exams right from the beginning and in a systematic manner.  You can also take a look on ies results 2011 and GATE results 2012 to see how IES Academy achieve results for these competitive exams.

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