Why choose ONGC?

1. As analyzed above, the ONGC Company has promising prospect of high growth in the decades to come and ONGC is particularly instrumental in spearheading the energy security.

2. This prospective nature of the company itself will trickle into better welfare of its employees in the form of better emoluments and other employee benefits. Moreover, it is well established that the PSUs are generous in rewarding their employees. So this should dispel any doubt of job insecurity and underpayment.

3. The PSUs and more so the Maharatna Companies like the ONGC are functionally autonomous and managerially integrated into a single administrative hierarchy with completely no interference from the government side in its management. This is unlike the PSUs like the Railways which directly operate under the Ministries.

4. The functional autonomy enables its employees to harness their potential and skills and can advise upon the company in matters of boosting its growth. The high end infrastructure and the interface the ONGC has with other major oil producers, facilitates this more so.

5. The higher executive posts in the ONGC are powerful and directly involve in the decisions and planning related to mergers, acquisitions, operational expansion and such others.

6. The ONGC Videsh Company operates a good range of oil and natural gas assets in countries as wide as Venezuela to Myanmar to Russia. In certain circumstances, the ONGC employees do get opportunities to seek deputation in overseas projects.

Considering these observations, we hope the students will have an initial idea about making ONGC as their choices. With this we move on to discuss the recruitment test announced by the ONGC for its Graduate Trainee posts.


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