Strong hold over fundamentals and in-depth knowledge of the specified subject are the keys to crack the GATE exam. The GATE exam is really one of the challenging exams of India. : Candidates needs to prepare for the exam right from the beginning and in a systematic manner

Tips to make preparation for GATE Exams

1)       At the first step, you should gain knowledge about the fundamentals of your technical subject. Once your base is ready than test yourself on different parameters.

2)      Notice where you stand in competition.  Mock test will give you a percentile providing you a clear picture of the competition in the industry and your preparations.

3)      You need to clear every doubt on every single topic on the technical subject of your field. Practice hard on numerical portion of subject as they can give you full marks.

4)      Collect the complete syllabus of the GATE exam as per your technical field.

5)      Begin your studies with the portion of the syllabus that you have already studied in your earlier classes as it can boost your confidence level.

6)      In the GATE examination 25 marks are for the mathematics portion.  This portion of the syllabus can help you to make good marks as math is simple as compared to technical part of the syllabus.

7)      Give equal attention to aptitude part as well as it carries 15 marks. This portion of the syllabus is also easy to score.

8)      There is negative marking in GATE exams, therefore answer only those questions that you are sure of.

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