No wastage of M.Tech seats

At present, it’s a really a matter of worry that many seats of M.Tech in prestigious IITs go waste (especially in CIVIL and mechanical stream) because of drop of M.Tech student in between the course duration. Why it happen? The IITs-a dream of every student from engineering background suffers from lack of serious students who are getting admission is IITs after qualifying in top slot is GATE are cream of the country. They are technical good in all respects. During course of M.Tech study, if they get selection in PSUs, leave the curse in between the semester period, IITs can’t call now students to join the course. Now the wastage of seats will not be there are only serious students can assure their seat in IITs

Some relief in IITs cut off

Due to limited number of seats, IITs call only approximately top 1% of GATE rankers for interview and admission procedure. So, cut off marks used to be very high. But as predicted by experts, the IITs will now lower down their cut off scare because some of students from top slot will go for PSU leaving a space for some other desired candidates. There is no doubt that all students especially, electrical are mechanical guys are in win-win situations.

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