Overall Assessment of ONGC and its Career Options

ONGCMENThe ONGC is a premier organization involved in the oil sector and is committed for strengthening economic prospects of the nation. Since its inception the ONGC has achieved higher streak every time it has mastered a new technology and expanded its production. Now it has earned the reputation of being the indispensable pillar of the Indian corporate by according a Maharatna Status.

The organization is well known for its sound professional principles and a talented and motivated workforce. Few of the technocrats working in ONGC, (they are the friends of the writer who himself is a technocrat) reveal how productive the career is at the ONGC. Within few years of joining the organization they have realized how concrete the vision and the mission of the ONGC is. There can be no doubt regarding the high professional standards embraced by the ONGC.

As far as making a career at the ONGC is concerned, particularly for those budding graduates interested in the frontier manufacturing technologies, ONGC has a plenty of opportunities. However, one must be realistic in making one’s assessment as the ONGC looks only the merit angle and your credibility. So those who consider themselves to have earned these capabilities can well go ahead to make their career in ONGC through the GTT.

The GTT is not a tough exam to crack at. The questions are based from what we would have studied in our graduation only. A right preparation and some hard work will carry us through the exam. But the important stage comes at the Interview. Here one should be careful of their academic knowledge and personality. One should show that they are dedicated, committed, have a strong will to work for the organization and for the nation and possess the requisite academic qualifications to be enrolled for the service. As the Interview is much based on the technical knowledge, one should thoroughly prepare the academics that they learn in engineering. Also, if one has done any project work related to the areas the ONGC functions, it would be very useful.

So opportunities beckon at the ONGC. What choice do you make? Decide for yourself.


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