M.Tech Test and Interview Preparation: As soon as gate result is out, students start applying to IISc, IITs, NITs and other local colleges within states. Short listing and interview process start in the month of April and May .

If you get an interview call first and foremost thing is RESERVE your ticket (train/air)to reach institute on time for test and ibterview.

Why test and interview: To select best student ,test and interview are conducted by some institutes like IISc, IITs etc.

Written Test: The weightage for written test is 10 %( may differ by 5-10 %) in the complete process of admission to M.Tech/MS.  So if you score low don’t panic, interview is still there.

  • Written test may be subjective or objective (Multiple choice questions) depending on institutes.
  • The syllabus for written test is usually given on the institute website so regularly visit it.

Interview: The weight age for interview is 30 %( may differ by 5-10 %). Interview is bit tough as sitting in front of a panel of 6-7 professors is very scary. But if you are prepared well no need to worry.

1.     For interview prepare one subject very well, mostly they will ask you for your choice.

2.     And if you are preparing easiest subject then thoroughly prepare the difficult part of that subject, because they have an idea (because of their experience) which topic student will skip.

In Short make sure you have understood well all your b.tech concepts. The clearer they are the better you will answer their questions.

3.     If the subject prepared by you has some formula try to memorize them.

4.       Know the basic concepts of other subjects also as in the panel professors can be from different backgrounds.

5.     After subjects, prepare your project work done during college or while working.

6.     If you are interested in research prepare well about your research interest area.

7.     Always avoid argument and be polite.

8.     They may ask to justify your answer of written test.

9.     If you don’t know a particular answer then politely say “I don’t know”. Don’t try to guess the answer. It may create problem for you as the next question can be from the same topic.

The interview panel judge your analytical ability and your understanding of problem ,so answer their question based on logic. Show them that you are ready to learn new things. And you have to prove that you are better than what your score shows.

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