The candidates working in PSU are in technomanagement role. They showed have good management skill and decision making ability is addition with technical expertise. Earlier two or three years back, the GATE paper used to test only technical knowledge and skills. But recent change in GATE syllabus and paper pattern made in part two years clarifies the fact that IITs are now checking the logical analytical ability, English knowledge, decision making ability and practical aptitude of candidates apart from technical knowledge. Inclusion of non technical portion like English and aptitude question along with specialization question make the GATE a perfect tool to sort out suitable professional to serve GOI undertakings PSUs for the service of mankind. Due to this fact, PSU administration sees GATE a real GATEWAY to their PSUs so that candidates can work under professional environment.

Does IIT suffers?

It is really a debatable question because in our Indian society, majority of students job oriented. So if a good rankers of gate has a chance to join NTPC/BHEL and getting salary of 8 to 12 lakh per anum. Why will he go for ME/M.Tech and wait for another two years So, is this major change going to hamper the research and development field of India. Definitely not. Now only interested and serious candidates will go for M.Tech. a good sign to research field, as research is successful if done with interest and declcation. Due to vacant seats, IITs administration feel worry about the decrement in the enrolment in higher study which is ultimately a barrier is advancement is R&D activities and growth. One thing should be clear that doing M.Tech and research related activities should be by interest only not by compulsion. If a candidate in getting rank in top 100 in GATE, it does not mean that he is really intersected in ME/M. Tech. Everybody has their own priority and responsibilities.

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  1. Aamir Reply

    I disagree . the overwhelming majority of people who go on to do M.Tech now are people who fail to get a PSU job. I have seen it myself.

    • admin Reply

      You might not have seen people who have successfully made their career in GATE…In fact if you do have good percentage in GATE, different multi national and govt. companies start calling you..

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