ies-exams-and-gate-examsIndian Engineering Services is one of the most important arms of Government of India which manages one of the most vital functions of Government of Indian, varying from infrastructure to many other diversified fields. Indian Engineering Services conducts its exams every year where a large number of engineering graduates undertake this very exam and all the successful candidates are then appointed as Indian Engineering Services officers. But all the successful candidates are then assigned with very important roles and responsibilities of the different cadres. There are various cadres fall under Indian Engineering Services which jointly performs and conducts a large number of tasks of our nation’s infrastructure. The cadres are assigned with the various fields of Indian Engineering Services. Out of such, Civil Engineering is one of the branches of IES and there are many important cadres fall under Civil Engineering department. The various cadres fall under Civil Engineering department of Indian Engineering Services are such follows:

  • Indian Railway Service for Engineers: This is an important cadre of Indian Engineering Services and it is a very reputed and prestigious class ‘A’ central service of Indian Government. The appointed IES officers for this cadre are accountable for the management of various functions and responsibilities of the Civil Engineering department of the Railways of India. Indian Railway Service for Engineers is one of the oldest civil services of the Indian Government. The IES officers of IRSE manage the entire fixed assets of Indian Railway and they deliver the proper functioning of many such works e.g. Railway tracks, water supply, roads and building etc. Besides managing the fixed assets of Indian railways, the officers of IRSE Cadre also accountable for the development of new such assets e.g. development of new lines, gauge broadening and conversion and many more tasks related to the expansion of Indian railways.


  • Indian Railway Stores Service : This cadre is of Indian Engineering Services serves the entire procurement and logistics works of Indian railways. The IES officers of the Indian Railway Stores Service cadre are held accountable for all the necessary services required to maintain and facilitate the proper check on the procurement and logistics check for the transportation of the goods and materials within and from different railway of Indian Railways. They also take care of the warehousing with automated storage and retrieval systems of the Indian Railways. Besides this, an IES officer of this cadre carries the responsibilities of the procuring and supplying the important components to the various workshops of Indian railways for the sake of maintenance of trains, coaches, wagons and other manufacturing of railways items. Other procurement includes the cloth and uniforms, arranging public auctions, inventory control, inspection of the stock etc.


  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service: The Indian Engineering Services officers fall under this cadre are designated as Gazetted defence –civilian officers who come under the Ministry of Defence of the Government of India. These Indian Ordnance Factories Services officers are directly responsible for the management of Indian Ordnance factories who deliver the strong base of self reliant and autonomous defence production capabilities of our country. The major roles and responsibilities of the Indian Ordnance Factories Service officers are the carry the product research and development, various projects and materials management, planning and control of production, quality control, supply and other personnel management, industrial safety and relations etc.


  • Border Roads Organisation: This cadre of Civil Engineering department of Indian Engineering Services is considered as one of the most important cadres of the Government of India. Borders Roads Organisation of India undertakes the various roles and functions of the development and maintenance of the roads that serve the border area of India. It has been possible only due to the efforts of the Border Roads Organisation which has helped the boost of economic growth and development of North and North-Eastern Border States of India. The role of Border Roads Organisation is filled with severe challenges and very high intensity due to the harsh climatic and topographic conditions. In general note, BRO faces the vivid and different environments of India varying from the icy hilltops of Himalayas to harsh deserts of Rajasthan. Some of the most important border roads constructed by the BRO are lying even on more than 5600 metres above sea level. The Border Roads Organisation performs over the network of more than 32,000 kilometres of roads and 12,000 metres of bridges. Border Roads Organisation conducts its operations in more than 20 states of India. Apart from their regular functions, Border Roads Organisation employs a work force of more than 2, 00,000 local workers who helps in clearing such road routes in events of avalanche, landslides and snow blocks and thus maintain a smooth functioning of the border roads of India. Border Roads Organisation not only undertakes these tasks in India but in recent times, has provided its support to the friendly countries of India where work might include the construction of and development of roads, bridges, airfield in challenging environmental conditions etc. A few of these projects have been delivered in our friendly countries like Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Myanmar etc.


  • Survey of India: The Survey of India is considered as a central agency of the Government of India and this cadre holds the responsibilities of surveying and mapping. The initial setup of this cadre dates back to the 18th century when this cadre was brought to life to help in amalgamate the regions and territories of the British East India Company. This cadre is considered as one of the oldest engineering departments of the Government of India. The most distinguished feat of Survey of India’s history includes the handling of the legendry Trigonometrical Survey which resulted the measurement of the heights of giants peaks of Himalayas i.e. Everest, K2, Kanchenjunga and the biggest of them all is the discovery of Mount Everest. Various important activities and functions of Survey of India includes:
  • Entire horizontal and vertical surveys
  • All kind of topographical surveys and mapping with in India
  • Important surveys for the development projects under Government of


  • Large surveys of forests, large scale city surveys, cantonments, guide

maps and demarcation of the external boundaries of India.


After assessing the various cadres of Civil Engineering Department of Indian Engineering Services of India, there are many other cadres in Civil Engineering department. The list includes below:

  • Central Engineering Service/ Central Public Works Department:
  • Indian Defence Service of Engineers/ Military Engineer Service.
  • Central Engineering Service Group ‘A’ (Roads)
  • Central Water Engineering Service (Central Water Commission).

It is hard to describe the roles and responsibilities of all such cadres but after giving a brief look upon the duties and profiles of the cadres explained above, the importance and the vividness of these cadres can be understood. The reality is when an aspiring student undertakes the Indian Engineering Services exam, a very few have been guided about the reality checks of the consequences. A little luckier student at times get successful in amassing the information about the prospects of the cadre they are applying in or else rest of the students are oblivion about the basic information of the cadres. It gets important to understand the job profiles, the gravity of the job and the honour attached with the services before even sitting for the exam. After all, a true knowledge can help an aspiring student to prepare even better if he/she is completely aware of the insights of the work culture of the Indian Engineering Services. The gravity behind all this information is to make every aspiring candidate equipped with every piece of wisdom which will ultimately help them in choosing a true career path and truly help them in becoming a wiser achiever rather than just an achiever.

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