Indian Engineering Services and Its Importance

indexIndia, a country so vast, with one of the largest population in the world and so is her developing economy, which is considered to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. To manage such economy, like any other government of the world, Indian Government needs various officials, bureaucrats, officers, employees etc. and requires infrastructure to support, manage and strengthen its growth. To manage such Infrastructure in the nation, Government of India, recruits its civil servants through various examinations held by the government body called UPSC. These management positions are generally filled through the competitive examinations such as Civil Services Examinations, India Forest Services Exams and many others. Like any of these examinations, there is another examination held by UPSC, called as Indian Engineering Services Examination, where Government of India recruits its officials on the basis of merit and these officials meet the technical functions of the Government of India. Indian Engineering Services consists of engineers that work under the Government of India to manage a large public sector economy which includes Railroads, Telecom, Power, Public Works, etc. Duties performed by these bureaucrats and officials depend upon their engineering branch and service, in which they have been recruited. There are many branches in Indian Engineering Services, where each engineer holds his position and responsibility such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.

For any country in the world, Its basic Infrastructure is known as the backbone of the nation which constitutes its network of transportation which includes its railways and roadways, its availability and management of resources like electricity, water etc. Where, Indian economy is showing such a tremendous pace, the need of a great infrastructure arises. With growing GDP, the movement of the goods is increasing at every step and thus the need of the proper management to the current road routes and the new required routes, also increases. Thus, the role of Indian Engineering Services imply here at every step. Indian Engineering Services body plays a very important role in Infra, where it is directly looks after the existing and new road routes and projects and involved from very first step of land acquisition to completion of the project and cater the demand of the transport industry of the country. Where at every step, Indian Engineering Services department is fulfilling the demand of road routes, it is simply playing as important role in Indian railways too, where not only the upliftment of existing railways infra is under process but they are also responsible for the safety and punctuality of Indian Railway. The demand for the new trains and routes are also handled by Indian Engineering Services Department where it is directly responsible for construction of new lines, gauge conversion and many other expansion and development works. Indian Engineering Services has connected almost every port of the country to every major city of the country through rail routes, which plays a vital role in promoting the commerce and it keeps on implementing the new ideas to match the global standards. Indian Engineering Services body also plays a very important role in electricity policies of India. As electricity is the blood line of industrial India, Indian Engineering Services Department’s Central Electricity Authority plays a lead role in promoting the integrated operations of the power grids and the evolution of the national grid. It also facilitates the exchange of the power inside the country and its neighboring countries for mutual benefits. The Indian Engineering Services Departments plays very important roles in advisory to the Government of India in matters related to Electricity Policies. It works and formulates the plans for development of electricity systems in the country and gives its advisory on all the technical matters of electricity generation, and its distribution and transmission.

Counting above a few, it is hard to describe the roles and achievements of Indian Engineering Services but can be said, its importance is second to none and couldn’t be match on the scale. As the matter of fact, Indian Engineering Services looks after and manages almost every nickel and dime of the infrastructure of our country and their contribution cannot be just simply appreciated but can be rewarded with one thing above all and that is “Respect”.

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