indexThe GATE application deadline is now over. It is the time for preparation and time to set a path to success. Like in athletics, when the starting gun goes off, it’s time to put the feet to the ground and run! Exactly here you do not have time for making castles is the air. You need to inculcate the capabilities required for success. The best part of it is that like self-confidence, there capabilities really can be learned and built or gradually. And, whether you’re working on your own self-confidence or building the capabilities in you, its well-worth the effort! It is time to look at the syllabus, the trends of questions asked in GATE paper, focus on the relevant study material and start your journey towards to exam-focused quality preparation and continual improvement, and not just or empty promise. The decision of IIT administration and PSUs management is really worth praising. Wish you a good luck to all GATE and of course PSUs aspirants that your dream come true.

Do hard work that is your duty. You will certainly be reward.

Remember the lines

“Achievement is a product of talent that is combined with dreams, focus and just hard work”

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