In the era of globalization and privatization one can only dream of government jobs as now it becomes very hard to get government job. Although if one is very eager to have a government job, the only way to go is to clear the entrance exam and interview for a particular vacancy in governmental sector.

Making preparation for PSU, i.e. Public Sector Undertakings is really not an easy task.  PSU is a corporation in the public sector where the Indian government takes control of the management of a particular company. There are approximately 237 public sector undertakings in India.

Each PSU company in India conduct an exam and the students need to qualify for the interview. Few of the companies that come under PSU’s are as follows:


There are lots of coaching centers in India for the preparation of the PSU exam that can students to make the preparation in a right manner and under the right guidance. Regular classroom training program is the best assistant for the students to get prepared for the exams. These institutes assist you to secure good rankings PSU entrance exam. These coaching institutes give you detailed information about the exams. Apart from teaching you the different ways to clear this competitive exam, these coaching institutes will also provide you the assignments. With the help of quality study material and assignments it becomes easy for the students to prepare for the exam in a systematic manner.

Most of the questions asked are basically technical in nature and focuses on your practical skills. If your basic fundamentals of a particular subject are clear, you can answer those questions with an ease.

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