is the India’s No. 1 Institute for IES/GATE/PSU Training Program

Faculty Panel Since its establishment IES Academy is the first to include IES/IAS Officers in its faculty panel who are India’s most efficient & result performing paneleven changing pattern of exam cannot affect their performance Faculty panel consists of inexperienced college / university Professors who lack competitive approach of the exam. Faculty sticked to traditional teaching pattern only.
Batch Size Suitable batch size (110 to 125) for proper and effective attention to each students and maintaining competition among them. Due to inappropriate batch sizeeither very large (300 – 400) in which students even can’t imagine to ask any doubt or very small-in-which student can’t make any judgement about their performance.
Completion ofSyllabus Since its establishment, IES Academy completes the course strictly on time as per the schedule of UPSC / GATE / PSU so that students get sufficient time for revision. No time limit to finish the syllabus; depends on availability of faculty. Not confident about completion of syllabus.
Results Success ratio of IES Academy’s classroom students is the highest in the Industry. We publish our results just after the declaration. Far away from classroom students success ratio.Authenticity-ask them?
Teaching Pedalogy IES Academy believes in developing Intellectual / problem cracking ability among students, making them more competitive for any type of exams. Teaching pattern depends purely onspoon feeding and not on concept development; which is only for pseudo satisfaction of class but in exam, no such TEACHING METHOD works.
Doubt Clearing Session IES Academy organizes schedules doubt clearing sessions after every topic, test & even on students demand. No such action is taken. (There is only theory class and no separate doubt clearing classes)
Study Material a) IES Academy first time introduced 20 years solved question of IES & GATE in their study material.

b) Topic wise arranged approx 8000 questions.

c) Error free booklets

d) 37 out of 60 questions in GS Paper in ESE 2011 are covered from IES Academy booklet.

Incomprehensive, substandard. Error full, unorganized material-far away from the required level of competitions.
Student’s Feedback IES Academy has workable and time bound feedback system to resolve student’s problems. No attention to students’ problem.
Interview Guidance IES Academy organizes Interview Guidance not only for IES but also for PSU, by expert panel. No interview guidance for PSU.
Innovative Programs& Concepts a) IES Academy is the only institute which provides solution of IES & GATE just after the exam.

b) Publishes magazine ‘Engineers’ Today and Tomorrow’ (Provided free to Academy students) which is the only magazine for engineers.

c) Prepared the complete formula chart of every branch for quick and effective revision.

d) Developed the software – Interview Call Estimator.

e) Full time faculty is available for doubt clearance.


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