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Before we look into the career prospects in ONGC, it is important to address the fundamental question of why would one chose this particular career only. Isn’t there a better alternative for choosing a career? What drives an engineering graduate to in this occupation?

Questions like these above often prop in every students’ mind. After completing engineering studies, one is not certain of which particular occupation should one chose. As this magazine has repeatedly stressed, students should make a thorough assessment of choices and opportunities before making their decisions to opt for a career. One should not go by a herd mentality to chose one career just because sochose this career? How is one sure of one’s capabilities to make a meaningful career nobody else is doing that. This applies to the ONGC career as well. Of course, it is a honoured task to serve at a prestigious organization like the ONGC but is itself insufficient for choosing that career

So we have enlisted here, after carefully assessing the pros and cons, certain guiding factors that should enable our readers to make their choices regarding the career in ONGC. It should be noted here that our magazine, The Engineers’ Today and Tomorrow has on Editorial Board a couple of young engineering graduates from premier technical institutions doing the groundwork for the magazine, including this Cover Story. Obviously, the content portrayed here is analyzed from an engineering student’s perspective itself.

  • During 2010-11, the turnover of ONGC (on standalone basis) has been Rs.69,532 Crore with net profit of Rs.18,924 Crore; the highest-ever despite sharing under-recovery of Rs.24,892 Crore to the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) as per the instructions of the Government of India. Net worth of ONGC (on standalone basis) has been Rs.96,709 Crore.
  • OVL’s consolidated gross revenue increased by 21% from Rs.15,383 Crore during 2009-10 to Rs.18,683 Crore during 2010-11 and consolidated net profit increased by 29% from Rs.2,090 Crore during 2009-10 to Rs.2,691 Crore during 2010-11.
  • The turnover of MRPL has been Rs.43,800 Crore, up 21% from Rs.36,141 Crore and net profit has been Rs.1,177 Crore, up 6% from Rs.1,112 Crore.

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