imagesGate and IES exams are generally considered as one of the most important and career defining examinations, where engineering graduates undertake the Gate exams to break into one of the finest engineering institutes of the country. On the other hand, the very same engineering graduates also undertake the Indian Engineering Services exam where a successful result spares them into one of the most lucrative job profiles under the Government of India. As both the exams have their own importance and so does the choice of variety of engineering graduates. Some hope to beat the GATE exam where the others plan to dedicate themselves into the service of the nation. But no matter what is the choice of the aspiring graduate, beating any one of them would land them into a world of intellectuals, high profile job and a great stature.

But before even you consider undertaking such exams, it is highly important to go for a routine check of yourself where you must asses all the necessary elements required to match the standards of such aspirations. Such elements play the most vital role in accomplishing any goals, no matter if it is an exam or an interview or any other given situation.

A successful check not only includes the positive qualities you posses but it also includes the negative fields and qualities where you lack or you need to master. There are few basic elements mentioned below where you should have a look upon and consider to check if you have it in you or not to beat the situation:

Vision: A vision is what gives you the hope to accomplish the dreams. It is considered as the most important element for success and it is very important to be a visionary to beat the feat of GATE and Indian Engineering Services.

Action: An action is equally important to a vision. No vision can be fulfilled without an action and no vision can be actually realized without it. But its gets important here that your actions must be taken with a proper appraisal of the situation and you should consider all the important factors to implement them.

Dedication: Dedication always shapes the goals and the actions it will always keep you motivated towards your dreams and goals. Everything is possibly achievable if you are determined. But for a great determination you need to keep a great focus on your goals where you are required to be very disciplined and intact about everything you do while you are aspiring for GATE and Indian Engineering Services.

Cause and Impact: You need to keep you mind open, at all the times to understand the concept of cause and impact. Cause and impact enables you to realize how the cause of everything will always impact your results. You should carefully choose your syllabus, your plans, your mentor etc. because it will always impact your results. You should always be careful to choose any resources to accomplish your dreams. After all as Isaac Newton said “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

In the end all that matters is what you have done and thus, to increase your success rate, you need to be wiser where you should always evaluate yourself to fit in the situation. Always remember “A vision without an action is a day dream but an action without a vision is always a nightmare”.

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