Is GATE-a real professional test?

The candidates working in PSU are in technomanagement role. They showed have good management skill and decision making ability is addition with technical expertise. Earlier two or three years back, the GATE paper used to test only technical knowledge and skills. But recent change in GATE syllabus and paper pattern made in part two years clarifies the fact that IITs are now checking the logical analytical ability, English knowledge, decision making ability and practical aptitude of candidates apart from technical knowledge. Inclusion of non technical portion like English and aptitude question along with specialization question make the GATE a perfect tool to sort out suitable professional to serve GOI undertakings PSUs for the service of mankind. Due to this fact, PSU administration sees GATE a real GATEWAY to their PSUs so that candidates can work under professional environment.

Does IIT suffers?

It is really a debatable question because in our Indian society, majority of students job oriented. So if a good rankers of gate has a chance to join NTPC/BHEL and getting salary of 8 to 12 lakh per anum. Why will he go for ME/M.Tech and wait for another two years So, is this major change going to hamper the research and development field of India. Definitely not. Now only interested and serious candidates will go for M.Tech. a good sign to research field, as research is successful if done with interest and declcation. Due to vacant seats, IITs administration feel worry about the decrement in the enrolment in higher study which is ultimately a barrier is advancement is R&D activities and growth. One thing should be clear that doing M.Tech and research related activities should be by interest only not by compulsion. If a candidate in getting rank in top 100 in GATE, it does not mean that he is really intersected in ME/M. Tech. Everybody has their own priority and responsibilities.

Top rankers in GATE 2014 From IES Academy

Team of IES Academy provides consistent efforts for best quality education and competitive environment to our students to crack all the engineering competitive exams such as IES, GATE, and PSU’s resulting in securing top positions. The glorious track records of our students have always made us proud.

Keeping with the tradition of excellence our students secured top ranks in GATE 2014 with 52 in 100 top rank and 247 in top 500 ranks.  As always IES Academy this year also produced top rankers in engineering competitive exams.

Here is the list of few students from IES Academy

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IES Academy wishes all students Good Luck for GATE

indexThe GATE application deadline is now over. It is the time for preparation and time to set a path to success. Like in athletics, when the starting gun goes off, it’s time to put the feet to the ground and run! Exactly here you do not have time for making castles is the air. You need to inculcate the capabilities required for success. The best part of it is that like self-confidence, there capabilities really can be learned and built or gradually. And, whether you’re working on your own self-confidence or building the capabilities in you, its well-worth the effort! It is time to look at the syllabus, the trends of questions asked in GATE paper, focus on the relevant study material and start your journey towards to exam-focused quality preparation and continual improvement, and not just or empty promise. The decision of IIT administration and PSUs management is really worth praising. Wish you a good luck to all GATE and of course PSUs aspirants that your dream come true.

Do hard work that is your duty. You will certainly be reward.

Remember the lines

“Achievement is a product of talent that is combined with dreams, focus and just hard work”

Significant Changes from GATE 2014 Exams

No wastage of M.Tech seats

At present, it’s a really a matter of worry that many seats of M.Tech in prestigious IITs go waste (especially in CIVIL and mechanical stream) because of drop of M.Tech student in between the course duration. Why it happen? The IITs-a dream of every student from engineering background suffers from lack of serious students who are getting admission is IITs after qualifying in top slot is GATE are cream of the country. They are technical good in all respects. During course of M.Tech study, if they get selection in PSUs, leave the curse in between the semester period, IITs can’t call now students to join the course. Now the wastage of seats will not be there are only serious students can assure their seat in IITs

Some relief in IITs cut off

Due to limited number of seats, IITs call only approximately top 1% of GATE rankers for interview and admission procedure. So, cut off marks used to be very high. But as predicted by experts, the IITs will now lower down their cut off scare because some of students from top slot will go for PSU leaving a space for some other desired candidates. There is no doubt that all students especially, electrical are mechanical guys are in win-win situations.

FAQ related to GATE 2014 Examination

FAQ related to GATE 2014 Examination

1. For how many GATE papers can I apply?

Answer.  A candidate can apply for only ONE of the 22 papers listed in the GATE 2014 Brochure or GATE website. The choice of the appropriate paper is the responsibility of the candidate. Some guidelines in this respect are suggested below.

1. The candidate is expected to appear in a paper appropriate to the discipline of his/her qualifying degree.

2. The candidate is; however, free to choose any paper according to his/her admission plan, keeping in mind the eligibility criteria of the institutions in which he/she wishes to seek admission.

2. Will I be provided with any white paper for rough work and calculations during the test?

Answer.  Blank white papers or a white paper notepad will be provided to the candidate for rough work. However, these papers/pads have to be returned after the examination.

3. Am I allowed to leave the examination hall during the test?

Answer.  NO. Candidates will NOT be allowed to leave the examination hall for any reason during the test. Candidates can leave the examination hall only after the closure of the test at the scheduled end of examination in a session.

4. What items are not permitted to be brought with me inside the examination hall?

Answer.  Electronic diary, mobile phone and any such electronic or communication gadgets, printed matter, blank papers, clip boards and log-tables will not be allowed inside the examination hall.

5. Can I use a calculator during the exam?

Answer.  Yes. Yes. In GATE-2014 you are permitted to use ascientific calculator without data connectivity.

6. Will there be any arrangement at the test center for the safe keeping of my personal items such as my mobile phone?

Answer.  No such arrangements is possible at the test center, hence, you are advised not to bring these items with you to the examination venue.

7. Since the website mentions that the GATE-2014 examination will be computer based online test, like some other online examinations do I get to see my score immediately? Does a question that appears on the screen depend upon the correctness of my answer to the previous question?

Answer.  No. In GATE-2014 examination, as soon as the candidate logs in for the test at the test centre, a fixed set of questions belonging to that particular paper appear on the screen, either one after another or all together, depending upon the candidate’s wish. The candidate has to answer the questions (consisting of a combination of multiple choice type and numerical answer type questions) using the mouse and a numerical keypad. The candidate’s responses will be stored securely and will be evaluated at later stage. The results will only be known as per the schedule mentioned under Important Dates.

8. After the completion of the application process, and getting my application accepted, I find from the detailed examination schedule given in the GATE website that, for my paper examination will be held in multiple sessions. Can I select the session in which I would like to write the examination?

Answer.  No. A candidate has no choice as far as the session is concerned in case of multi-session papers. Session allotment will be done by GATE on a random basis.

FAQ: Admit card

9. When will I receive my admit card?

Answer.  Admit card can only be downloaded from the GOAPS website from 18th December 2013 5PM. Sending Admit cards by post has been discontinued.

10. Is the Admit card alone sufficient to gain entry to the exam?

Answer.  No. Bring the admit card at the test center along with at least one original (not photocopied / scanned copy) and valid (not expired) photo identification. ONLY one of the following photo identifications is permitted: Driving license, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, College ID, Employee identification card, or a notarized Affidavit with Photo, Signature, Date of Birth and Residential Address. Photocopies of the original identification document are not acceptable. Candidates will not be permitted to take the test if original and valid photo identification is not presented.


NOT JUST ABOUT ACADEMICS BUT JOBS TOO TRANSFORM TO NEW ARENA the scope and dynamics of GATE are now completely changed from GATE-2014 in context of engineering field, GATE has really uplifts its importance in multidimensional aspects. As engineering graduate, every student sees public sector undertaking organization as their dream endeavor.

11. Why PSUs are dream options for an engineer?

Answer.  • A stable and recession proof career.

  • • A chance to serve MAHANAVRATNA (linked with service of human kind).
  • • A noble and respectful profession.
  • • Lucrative salary (10.5 lakh p.a in IOCL, 13.4 lakh p.a in PGCIL).
  • • Time bound as well as performance based promotion and other benefit.
  • • Better facility by GOVT OF INDIA.
  • • Nice working culture and environment (NTPC has won award for best employer).
  • • The following table itself depicts the number of opportunities and engineering student has on the basis of GATE.

12. Who are at win-win situation?

Answer.  Clearly with this historic change, all students, PSUs administration and even IITs are at win-win situation. The reason behind this is quite obvious. Students have now more flexibility for their career and have more chance to get admission is ME/M.Tech program. PSUs administration will now get technocrats and managers from cream of the engineering world. IITs will get serious goal oriented students to pursue M.Tech. From table clear that all students will be happy due to good number of vacancies, but particularly electrical and mechanical guys will enjoy more clearly from data, a mechanical candidate having rank in top 1500 will have very good chance to be selected in PSUs.

13. Why GATE-a smile on student face?

Answer.  Earlier students used to complain about the nature and standard of paper that PSUs take to recruit its engineering professionals. It has been analyzed PSUs paper lack in questions that check conceptual knowledge and approach. But now GATE is really a GATE way to PSUs. It is most standard and concepted paper to check one’s engineering aptitude. No one can doubt on IIT designed questions paper. So, it is a time for students having good command over technical ability to smile.

Comparison of IES Academy with other IES Institutes in Delhi


is the India’s No. 1 Institute for IES/GATE/PSU Training Program

Faculty Panel Since its establishment IES Academy is the first to include IES/IAS Officers in its faculty panel who are India’s most efficient & result performing paneleven changing pattern of exam cannot affect their performance Faculty panel consists of inexperienced college / university Professors who lack competitive approach of the exam. Faculty sticked to traditional teaching pattern only.
Batch Size Suitable batch size (110 to 125) for proper and effective attention to each students and maintaining competition among them. Due to inappropriate batch sizeeither very large (300 – 400) in which students even can’t imagine to ask any doubt or very small-in-which student can’t make any judgement about their performance.
Completion ofSyllabus Since its establishment, IES Academy completes the course strictly on time as per the schedule of UPSC / GATE / PSU so that students get sufficient time for revision. No time limit to finish the syllabus; depends on availability of faculty. Not confident about completion of syllabus.
Results Success ratio of IES Academy’s classroom students is the highest in the Industry. We publish our results just after the declaration. Far away from classroom students success ratio.Authenticity-ask them?
Teaching Pedalogy IES Academy believes in developing Intellectual / problem cracking ability among students, making them more competitive for any type of exams. Teaching pattern depends purely onspoon feeding and not on concept development; which is only for pseudo satisfaction of class but in exam, no such TEACHING METHOD works.
Doubt Clearing Session IES Academy organizes schedules doubt clearing sessions after every topic, test & even on students demand. No such action is taken. (There is only theory class and no separate doubt clearing classes)
Study Material a) IES Academy first time introduced 20 years solved question of IES & GATE in their study material.

b) Topic wise arranged approx 8000 questions.

c) Error free booklets

d) 37 out of 60 questions in GS Paper in ESE 2011 are covered from IES Academy booklet.

Incomprehensive, substandard. Error full, unorganized material-far away from the required level of competitions.
Student’s Feedback IES Academy has workable and time bound feedback system to resolve student’s problems. No attention to students’ problem.
Interview Guidance IES Academy organizes Interview Guidance not only for IES but also for PSU, by expert panel. No interview guidance for PSU.
Innovative Programs& Concepts a) IES Academy is the only institute which provides solution of IES & GATE just after the exam.

b) Publishes magazine ‘Engineers’ Today and Tomorrow’ (Provided free to Academy students) which is the only magazine for engineers.

c) Prepared the complete formula chart of every branch for quick and effective revision.

d) Developed the software – Interview Call Estimator.

e) Full time faculty is available for doubt clearance.


Is GATE 2014 a breakthrough?

The GATE exam has always been rated for the benchmark it sets for engineering graduates to test themselves the skills and standards they possess. Apart from gaining admission for higher technical education and receiving scholarships/ fellowships, a good GATE score is always a feather in the cap in the career profile of engineers. This is also supported by the fact that many corporates value the GATE score while recruiting engineers. But it’s official now. The GATE score has been officially declared to be the valid criteria for recruiting into the technical workforce of the Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). In fact, even when this piece of information has yet to be adequately disseminated, tow big ticket PSUs, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) have come up with notifications that the GATE 2014 score will be used to fill in some technical posts this next year. (The candidates may refer to these notifications by visiting their respective websites). And many other PSU giant like the ONGC, BPCL, BEL and others are in the pipeline to announce such recruitment through GATE.

 MHRD Policy for Admission to Technical Courses

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has come with a new policy of making a single window examination for various gaining admission into various technical courses to reduce the multiplicity of the exams conducted and also to reduce the burden upon the candidates in appearing those examinations. Thus, there is a proposal that a single examination for IITs and NITs instead of the present two exams, IIT-JEE and AIEEE, should be conducted. Similarly this is though to be applied to the medical sciences.

Based upon this logic only, the PSUs have instructed to consider conducting a single window examination for recruitments. The Indian banking industry was quick to announce a single Bank PO exam for recruitment. Now the same is applied for engineers. Naturally the credible mechanism for such recruitments of engineering graduates is the GATE score which itself has established to be a benchmark exam. Thus, we expect many more PSUs, the IOCL, BHEL being already announced their intentions, to recruit engineers through GATE score. Even those who are not so interested in higher academics have to apply for GATE and score high to prove their worth if they ought to be considered for a PSU career so folks, GATE 2014 is indeed a breakthrough. You are left with nothing but to prove your ability and worth in the GATE exam, in case you have decided for academics or prospective PSU career.

Introduction to GATE Exams

The Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering (GATE) is a premier entrance examination conducted by a consortium of the 7 elite Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc) for admission into post graduate/ doctoral programmes in various engineering and higher science disciplines in Central Technical Universities. Most of these seats are placed in the premier IITs and the NITs (National Institute of Technology), while few other institutions specifically dedicated to certain disciplines like the Centre for Nanotechnology Research also admits GATE-qualified students.

The students qualified under GATE are also eligible for various Government sponsored academic fellowships and technical projects. While the GATE exam is largely taken by the graduates of engineering, the students belonging to the core science disciplines who have done their Masters programme in their corresponding streams are also eligible to appear in the GATE. GATE qualification is also prescribed by many private technical/ engineering institutes for gaining admission into the post-graduation programmes. Indeed, GATE is rated as one of the keystone exam for filtering credible candidates into the higher education stream.

The GATE is usually held in the month of end January or early February every year. Thousands of graduates appear for this GATE examination and it is well known that the GATE exam attracts some of the brightest students and thus holds a high level of competition. Also well-known is the fact that cracking the GATE exam is a no mean task and requires considerable preparations along with some deft exam strategies to pass through. Obviously, preparations cannot be done at the fag end of the exam schedule and a serious student might have already started preparations into the GATE.

The GATE score of a candidate reflects a relative performance level in a particular subject in the exam. The score is used for admissions to post-graduate programs (eg. M.E., M.Tech, direct Ph.D.) in Indian institutes of higher education with financial assistance provided by MHRD and other Government agencies. The score may also be used by Public and Private Sector Undertakings for employment screening purposes.

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs at Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee) jointly administer the conduct of GATE. The operations related to GATE in each of the 8 zones are managed by a Zonal GATE Office at IISc. or IITs. The Organizing Institute (OI) is responsible for the end-to-end process and coordination amongst the administering Institutes. The Organizing Institute for GATE 2014 is IIT Kharagpur.

Top Engineering colleges in India

Joining top engineering colleges of India is the dream of every GATE and IES aspirants.  But finding and choosing the college that suits you best might be a difficult task for you. Here at IES Academy’s blog we are providing you ranking wise list of top engineering colleges of India.  We are providing the rankings of colleges on the basis of student’s reviews, college faculties and infrastructure, college atmosphere, placements etc.  So these rankings are based on certain assumptions. The rankings that we provide certainly will help the students to choose the right college.

If anyone has a question regarding the rankings of top engineering colleges, they can provide us the suggestions by dropping us a mail and we can revised the rankings accordingly if find the suggestion appropriate.

Rank             Top Engineering Institutes
1 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Kanpur
2 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Bombay
3 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur
4 Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai
5 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Delhi
6 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Roorkee
7 Indian Institute of Technology Guwhati Guwhati
8 Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad Hyderabad
9 IT-BHU Varanasi Varanasi
10 ISMU Dhanbad Dhanbad
11 Indian Institute of Technology Gandhi Nagar Gandhi Nagar
12 Indian Institute of Technology Patna Patna
13 Indian Institute of Technology Punjab Ropar
14 Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan Jodhpur
15 BITS Pilani Piliani
16 NIT Warngal Warngal
17 NIT Trichy Trichy
18 NIT Suratkal Suratkal
19 College of Engineering Anna University Guindy
20 Jadavpur University Kolkata
21 BIT Mesra Mesra
22 NIT Calicut Calicut
23 Delhi college of Engineering Delhi
24 Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad
25 NIT Durgapur Durgapur
26 JNTU Hyderabad Hyderabad
27 NIT Rourkela Rourkela
28 NIT Hamirpur Hamirpur
29 IIIT Hyderabad Hyderabad
30 MNIT Jaipur Jaipur
31 Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology Surat
32 University Visvesvaraya College of Engg. Bangalore
33 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur
34 College of Engineering, Osmania University Hyderabad
35 Bengal Eng and Science University Shibpur, Howrah
36 Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal
37 Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh
38 NIT Kurukshetra Kurukshetra
39 NIT Jamshedpur Jamshedpur
40 NIT Patna Patna
41 College of Engineering, Andhra University Vishakhapatnam
42 NIT Jalandhar Jalandhar
43 Indian Institute of Information Technology Bangalore Bangalore
44 Govt. College of Engineering Pune
45 College of Engineering Trivandrum
46 JNTU Kakinada Kakinada
47 SV University Engineering College Tirupati
48 Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal
49 Thapar Inst of Engineering & Technology Patiala
50 Dhirubhai Ambani IICT Gandhinagar
51 Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore
52 Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University Noida
53 Nirma Institute of Technology Ahmedabad
54 Galgotias college of Engineering and Technology Noida
55 Amity School of Engineering Noida

How you can change the GATE exam city?

After you fill up the GATE application form and submit it to GATE authorities, you might get the feeling that you have made a mistake in finalizing the GATE examination city. Or after filling up the GATE application form, you have to move to some other city for any reason. And now you don’t want to travel long to appear for GATE exam. Whatever reasons you would have to change the GATE exam city; it is possible now to change the city of GATE examination.

Yes it is possible now that you can change the city of GATE examination. IIT Kharagpur has declared on its official website that students can submit request to change the city of GATE examination.

See below what the official website says

 “Candidates who wish to change the choice of examination city may fill necessary details via GOAPS login during 15th to 20th November 2013. Such candidates have to make a Demand Draft of Rs. 400/- in favour of “Chairperson, GATE 2014″ payable at the city of respective Zonal GATE Office. A printout of the request form along with the DD has to be sent to the respective Zonal GATE Office by 25th November 2013.”

Now follow the below mentioned steps to successfully change the city of GATE exams

  • Make a demand draft of INR 400/- in favour of “Chairperson, GATE 2014”.
  • Remember the dates from 15th November to 20th November.
  • Keep a reminder about these dates as during these days you have to apply for change of city.
  • On the required date login to the official website here: and change the city of examination. Take a printout of the newly examination city.
  • Send the print out to the respective zonal office. Don’t delay in the process.

If you some other issues related to GATE application form than do post in the famous and reputable forums of GATE and get help from the students and teachers of the GATE community.